Strategic Communications

Delta Business Media offers a wide range of marketing communication services:

We work with you to identify the newsworthy topics, conduct interviews, write articles and do extensive research to find out which publications are covering your subject matter.

Conferences and Trade Shows
We help you to identify which conferences and trade shows are worth to attend. We work with you to develop concept, design and build your trade show booth, and help to promote your brand in the run-up and after the event.

Creative Content
We work with you to develop your corporate branding including logos, banners, adverts, marketing literature, corporate presentations, etc.

Market Analysis
We pull together and provide you with information related to your market segment, future prospects and worldwide growth.

Newsletter development
Newsletter is an invaluable tool for effective communication with customers and potential clients.
Our Creative Department will work with our Editors to develop concept and content for your company newsletter.

Press releases
We work with you to produce newsworthy press releases that will capture the attention of your potential clients.

Product Launch
We work with you to manage highly successful product launches and produce press material that position your products as best in your market segment. Our media expertise will ensure that our new products receive a great amount of press coverage.

Social Media
Social Media is a powerful tool. We develop compelling content and constantly update your Social Media sites to help you create followers and generate enquiries.